Ægte engros The Donut Diaries: Revenge is Sweet: Book Two (Paperback) by Milligan Dermot McGowan Anthony Tazzyman David 6W6K5THr

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Dermot Milligan's got problems. He's overweight and hooked on donuts. His mother has booked him in to see Dr Morlock a nutritionist who looks like a Dementor. The diary is Dr Morlock's idea. Not only does Dermot have to write down how many donuts he eats but also - and this is the really rubbish part - His Feelings

This is Dermot's second hilarious adventure featuring his battles against the bullies and hardest of all his beloved donuts. After one term at St Michaels Dermot thinks things can't sink any lower. All his classmates call him Donut his insane PE teacher Mr Fricker despises him the evil Floppy-Haired kid is out to get him ...and now someone seems to be going to the toilet in inappropriate places around the school. The Head calls in the services of internationally famous poo expert Dr Morlock to help track down the culprit - and somehow the finger of suspicion is pointed at Dermot. Can he turn detective and find out who's behind the poo - before his reputation is ruined forever?