2018 Hot Products Mark An Introduction & Study Guide by Smith Abraham TUIyJdes

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This Guide reads the Gospel of Mark as a 1st-century CE story about Jesus for his followers and against tyranny or the abusive use of power. First the book shows students how the Gospel uses the form of a traditional laudatory biography (a 'Life') to reshape the memory of the shame-ridden trials and suffering of Jesus. Such a biography portrayed Jesus' descent (as a son of God) his deeds and his heroic death dispelling any notion that the teacher Jesus was a charlatan or huckster. Second Smith demonstrates how the Gospel devotes a great deal of space to Jesus' training of his disciples - as he calls commissions and corrects them in preparation for the difficult moments of their journey. Third Smith highlights the Gospel's special characterizations of Jesus - as a prophetic envoy a man of authority and a philosophical hero - contrasting Jesus' use of power with the abusive use of power by Rome's representatives (Herod Antipas and Pilate).