Ny stil Collaborative Information Seeking: Best Practices New Domains and New Thoughts (Computer Supported Cooperative Work) (Hardcover) by Hansen Preben Shah Chirag Klas Claus-Peter vqanFq5h

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Product Description:

Compiled by world- class leaders in the field of collaborative information retrieval and search (CIS) this book centres on the notion that information seeking is not always a solitary activity and working in collaboration to perform information-seeking tasks should be studied and supported. Covering aspects of theories models and applications the book is divided in three parts: * Best Practices and Studies: providing an overview of current knowledge and state-of-the-art in the field. * New Domains: covers some of the new and exciting opportunities of applying CIS * New Thoughts: focuses on new research directions by scholars from academia and industry from around the world. Collaborative Information Seeking provides a valuable reference for student teachers and researchers interested in the area of collaborative work information seeking/retrieval and human-computer interaction.